In our every deliberation we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations. That isn't just a marketing slogan from an excellent household products company, it's a guiding principle leading us to low impact living in the garden paradise of our dreams.

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About Seven Generational Ruminations

Date: Mon Jan 04 2021 ; Tags:

Seven Generational Ruminations is dedicated to the rise of global wisdom in humanity. This site is primarily the work of one person, David Herron. Others are welcome to join in and help this site by leaving comments.

The topics covered on Seven Generational Ruminations can best be seen as revolving around these questions:

  • Is the environment of our planet a mutually created living being? Ecopsychology, shamanism, etc..
  • What are peoples true environmental wants and needs? Are those true needs being met today by our society?
  • Tracking global warming and climate change. How can we change this fate?
  • What business and government decisions lead to the inability to properly address ecological imbalance, poisoning of the environment, climate change, etc?
  • What is the true form of Christ's teachings? Were they subverted by Christianity and the geopolotics of 200-400 AD?
  • Where is the domineering brand of government espoused by the Theocrats leading us? Are we headed to a Fascististic America?
  • What is Fundamental Christianity and other fundamentalist religious movements?
  • What are the true forms of spiritual practice?
  • What practice can help us to see our actions beyond the end of our noses? What practice can help businesses plan for further ahead than the next quarter?
  • What are our true needs as humans? What are our true spiritual needs?
  • Is technology being deployed in a way consistent with our true needs as humans? Consistent with our true spiritual needs?
  • What decisions are made in our society that interfere with the deployment of technology consistent with our true human and spiritual needs?
  • How may we return to wisdom concerning the development and deployment of technology?
  • What is the ideal form and practice of politics?
  • Why does politics seem to be more about winning and losing than to be about finding common ground and healthy relationships within society?
  • What is the ideal form of community?
  • How have we gotten lost from our true human and spiritual needs?
  • Are government and business leaders corrupting, for their own ends, societies perception of their human and spiritual needs?
  • What is our true nature as humans and as spiritual beings?
  • What are the symbols, images and beliefs that drive us?
  • What is the world consciousness?

This site is named after the core precept said to be of the Iriquois Confederacy. Namely that in every action, to consider the effects of ones actions for seven generations into the future, and also to realize that ones current conditions are affected by decisions of our ancestors from seven generations in the past.

In the modern age society is creating what I call The New Western Paradigm. This paradigm ogles at the skyscrapers, the glass and steel, the electronic gadgets everywhere, fast cars, high flying jet airplanes, life faster than the speed of living, with nary an organic being in sight. In the New Western Paradigm there is no room for the permanent, for it all changes at the whim of marketeers in their ivory towers. Everything is subjugated to serve the almighty dollar, and anything that gets in the way of commerce is crushed into syrup to be dolloped across ice cream for the amusement of kiddies. The result is that "long term planning" is considered to be anything beyond the next three months, and the only value to anything is its immediate resale price on the open market.

In bridging my eclectic life, I am very interested in exploring technology, its use and deployment, and the decision process which would lead to more appropriate deployment and use of technology. It is technology which enables society to create the New Western Paradigm, so how may we harness technology to more properly serve humanity?