In our every deliberation we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations. That isn't just a marketing slogan from an excellent household products company, it's a guiding principle leading us to low impact living in the garden paradise of our dreams.

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About the Manpollo Videos

Date: Mon Jan 04 2021 ; Tags:

It would be incorrect to claim ownership of these videos. My name is David Herron, and while I am hugely motivated to address the topics these videos discuss, I had nothing to do with the creation of the videos. The videos were the work of a high school science teacher, Greg Craven. My work was to assemble the videos on this site for ease of navigation, because the guy was so prolific at making these videos it's hard to find them all on YouTube.

I'm just a concerned person who has been putting a lot of time and effort at publicizing issues such as the ones covered in these videos.

I saw them a few years ago and they stuck with me. I thought he did an excellent job of putting together ideas and arguments and a logic framework with which to reason about climate change while having limited information.

This website was assembled in October 2011, four years after the videos were first uploaded to YouTube. A lot has happened since then but some of his statements about climate change skeptics (deniers) are all the more true today. The debate hasn't gotten any better, and we need more than ever this sort of clear minded discussion of climate change rather than the political agenda filled debate that's going on today.