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5 Gallon Bucket Rocket Stove

Date: Mon Jan 04 2021 ; Tags: Build »»»» Aprovecho

This is my attempt to make a Rocket Stove from a metal (steel) 5 gallon paint bucket, stove pipe and vermiculite.

As far as I know, the original Rocket Stove design was by Dr. Larry Winiarski, of Aprovecho Research Center.

Dr. Winiarski developed his stove (made mostly from metal cans, clay and firebrick), as a more efficient way to cook food over open flame in third world countries. A more efficient way to cook over open flame means less deaths from smoke pollution.

Approximately 2.4 billion people (over one-third of all humanity and two-thirds of the developing world) cook over biomass-fueled fires. Indoor air pollution from the burning of solid fuels kills over 1.6 million people each year!

People living in poverty in many third world countries cut down their local forests for the wood to make charcoal, which they sell for basic income and use the rest for their own fuel.

The "L" or "J" shaped stoves designed by Dr. Larry Winiarski, has proved to be very efficient and instrumental in reducing toxic gases and also use much less fuel to cook the same amount of food. His basic design can be found everywhere on the Internet, but one "no frills" site is: Stove/Principles.html

Source: RonRay

5 Gallon Rocket StoveThis is my attempt to make a Rocket Stove from a metal (steel) 5 gallon paint bucket, stove pipe and vermiculite.As far as I know, the o...
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