In our every deliberation we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations. That isn't just a marketing slogan from an excellent household products company, it's a guiding principle leading us to low impact living in the garden paradise of our dreams.

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AfterBURNER Stove Corp - StoveTec Rocket Stove

The AfterBURNER Stove Corporation provides alternative stoves for outdoor cooking, free of the financial and logistical burden of purchased cook fuels. Our mission is to provide you with the means to prepare hot meals with fuel that you can find anywhere for free! Whether it's a fallen branch, wood from your own pruned fruit trees or a few pine cones, we want you to be able to eat hot meals and sanitize questionable water regardless of your circumstances. Be it for recreation or survival during an emergency, look to the quality products from the AfterBURNER Stove Corporation for all your outdoor cooking and preparedness needs.

Based on the Rocket Stove Patent filed in 1982 by Dr Larry Winiarski of the Aprovecho Research Center, this is their latest award winning design after 30 years experience helping people all over the world to burn less wood and breathe less smoke (a critical health related issue!). This is the latest design and the cleanest burning most efficient mass produced Rocket Stove available anywhere. For backpacking we recommend the Kelly Kettle.

StoveTec Rocket Stoves are the same weight as a Dutch Oven.

AfterBURNER Stove Corporation

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